Seven Tips to Help You Get a Good Grade on Your College English Paper

February 22, 2010

I’d like to share with you some writing strategies to increase your chances of getting a good grade on your college English paper. They worked for me!

– Start working on your paper as early as possible.

– If you have the choice of choosing your own topic, select a topic you are passionate about and also make sure you have a significant amount of knowledge on that topic.

– Spend time on prewriting.  It is important to invest a good amount of time brainstorming or free writing, which includes just getting your thoughts and ideas down on paper. Also, it is important to spend time creating a web or a concept map. Think everything through and don’t be intimidated by the length, the elaborate topic, the requirements, or even the professor.

– Focus on organization. Make sure you have a strong thesis statement; make sure you use transitions frequently; make sure your hook and your intro is strong; make sure your body paragraphs introduce and discuss the ideas in your thesis. Lastly, make sure your conclusion is strong and developed.

– Dont bore the reader or the professor to death. Make your paper as interesting as possible by using strong verbs and adjectives.

– Spend a good amount of time proofreading your paper!

– Most importantly, have fun, relax and enjoy the writing process! Your thoughts will come together more clearly and you will be able to be more creative if you are not worried about the outcome.

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