College Student with Autism – Good Grade On My Comparison/Contrast Paper!

March 25, 2010

I am proud to announce that I received a B 84/100 on my Comparison/Contrast essay. The topic I chose for this essay was the differences and similarities between Democrats and Republicans. Since I am very fascinated with politics, I thought this would be the perfect topic to write about. My hard work paid off tremendously. I discussed the hot button issues such as health care, the economy, and foreign policy. For example, i talked about how many Democrats support a comprehensive health care reform bill. In contrast, I explained that the Republicans are against government-run Health Care, and they don’t want any Health care bill that will increase the deficit. Also, the Republicans believe that the quality of care will be affected, and they don’t want insurance companies to lose business.

Regarding the economy, I wrote about how the Democrats favor stimulus bills, job creation bills and regulating the financial institutions. On the other hand, Republicans are opposed to any future spending bills that will decrease the deficit, and they support deregulation and Reaganomics. For the foreign Policy category, I discussed the parties’ differences and disagreements regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, torture methods and the treatment of terrorist suspects, interpretation of the international law, and the differences in how to resolve international conflicts.

My overall essay grade was based on the three categories of content/development, organization and grammar/mechanics. The content/development section was out of 40 points, and I received 37 points. The organization section was out of 40 points, and I received 30 points. Lastly, the grammar/mechanics section was out of 20 points, and I received 17 points. I am extremely thrilled about my final grade, and I feel like I did a good job meeting the requirements. However, there is always room for improvement.

My mistakes are very clear to me, and I am committed to learning from my mistakes. The strongest points of my essay were the content, sentence correctness and style, word choice, and paragraph organization. On the other hand, the weakest points of my essay would be considered grammar and the essay organization. The first four paragraphs were very organized, except for my conclusion, which ended up being underdeveloped. I wrote good topic sentences, an attention-grabbing hook and an effective thesis. As far as my grammar is concerned, there were a few minor errors. All in all, I had a great time writing about Democrats and Republicans!

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