The Importance of Using Rate My Professors

July 6, 2010

I cannot emphasize enough how valuable of a resource Rate My Professors can be. This is an excellent website that directs you to reviews and ratings of any prospective professor. Rate My Professor allows students to evaluate their professors. I highly advise all students to always check Rate My Professors before making a decision on which professor to select for your course. Rate My Professors is very easy to use and navigate.

When you get to the site all you have to do is type in either your professor’s name or the name of your school. For example, if you type in the name of your school, you will be directed to a professor database. As soon as you find your professor’s name, you can rate the professor, write a review, and view the professor’s overall rating. You can also read the list of reviews written by students who have taken the professor’s class.

In addition, the rating system is very concise. Each professor is evaluated on the aspects of overall quality, clarity, helpfulness, easiness and even hottness! The overall quality is determined by the average rating of the helpfulness and clarity given by all users. The helpfulness rating is based on whether the professor is approachable, nice, and easy to communicate with. I believe the helpfulness rating is the most important rating because it is very important that your professor be helpful and easy to work with.

Another important rating is the the clarity rating, which is determined based on how well the professor teaches the course material, including the professor’s overall teaching style and methodologies. Interestingly, the easiness factor is not included in the overall rating, but the professor still receives an average rating for this category. The easiness rating is very self-explanatory. When grading your professor on easiness, you are answering whether the class is an easy A and how hard you have to work in order to earn a good grade.

Rate My Professor also likes to have some fun with the hotness rating. If your professor is hot, he or she can get a red hot chilli pepper. Although Rate My Professor is not always completely accurate, it is very useful, reliable and credible. It allows you to gain a tremendous amount of interesting information about a professor. If you do not use this resource, you might as well be selecting a professor out of a hat or you might as well be wearing blindfolds when signing up for your classes.

Rate My Professor will increase your chances of getting a quality professor who is helpful and competent. Also, Rate My Professor has the capability to keep a professor accountable, motivated and inspired. Please do yourself a favor, and take advantage of this awesome site!
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