We Deserve A Fighting Chance!

April 12, 2015

“He will never be able to live a happy, healthy and successful life,” they said. “He will never be able to take care of himself, pursue a higher education or become gainfully employed,” they said. Well how wrong they all were. As in “they” and “all” I am talking about all of the so called medical professionals out there who predict our demise at an early age. There are so many misconceptions and ill-perceived notions that are constantly floated around in our society by people who have no idea what it’s like to overcome a developmental delay or disability. What we need is help, understanding, compassion and guidance. There is no need to treat us like we are subhuman or mentally retarded.
My mom was given an absolute horror story and the gloomiest possible outlook for how my life would ultimately unfold one day. The doctors didn’t exactly give my mom much hope or optimism based on any stretch of the imagination.
So it makes me wonder how many other parents out there have been delivered the riot act by stiff doctors with big egos who really have no business trying to predict the future. I understand their intentions. Ultimately, I just think a loved one would rather have false hope compared with a proclamation of a death sentence. The fact is, every child with autism deserves a fighting chance and a positive prognosis for the future. Yes we may be developmentally delayed and challenged but that does not mean we cannot be productive members of society one day. All we need is for people to believe in us and to help us cope with any future challenges that may arise. Children and adults with autism are capable of achieving extraordinary things and even the most low functioning on the autism spectrum can teach us wonders about what it is like to truly love one another. You can never underestimate the heart of a person with autism. We may be developmentally delayed or deficient but we are certainly not emotionally deficient. Children with autism have amazing spiritual powers along with the remarkable ability to connect with a higher power.

We may never be regarded as normal. But what is “normal” anyways? Just because you can’t label us or place us in a specific stereotype, doesn’t mean we don’t have value as human beings. At the end of the day we are still human beings with human feelings and emotions. We want to achieve happiness, we want to feel appreciated and we want people to treat us with respect and dignity. Give us a fighting chance!

Every person on the autism spectrum has different strengths and abilities. However, we all have the potential to change the world and to change human understanding of our capabilities. At the end of the day, we are just neurologically wired differently than all of the so called “normal people” out there. We have different needs, traits and tendencies. But that does not make us less human, less remarkable, or less proficient than anyone else in the world. We are just different. And what is wrong with being different? We may flap our hands, speak a different language, experience difficulty in comprehending social cues and we may not be able to do the same tasks that most people can do without assistance. However, we are spiritually and emotionally gifted. We have an immense amount of love and appreciation for all of society and for the entire universe in general. Yes there is a lot we can learn from other people. And there is also a lot that others can learn from us.

So please do not underestimate our abilities even though they may be abilities that are “unseen.” Our strengths and abilities transcend this world and society’s perceptions of us. We have supernatural abilities to heal the world and to help expand compassionate motives. All we need is a fighting chance to prove the doubters wrong. And you will be amazed at what we can bring to this world. Just give us that chance to show you who we are and what we can do. If you believe in us we will believe in you.
I will never stop advocating for individuals such as myself who have been written off time and time again.

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