What am I doing Now?

March 20, 2016

Hey everyone, I just wanted to update all of you on my overall progress and what has been transpiring in my life. I am now currently working for a travel nursing agency as a talent acquisition specialist. This job has been quite the experience! I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the health care field as a whole. Our agency places Registered Nurses for travel assignments all over the country! It is a very competitive industry but it is definitely a thriving market. This has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Is it what I am ultimately planning on doing long term? No. However, this job has provided me a steady paycheck and it has allowed me to be more financially independent. In the meantime, I am planning on going back to school part time in order to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree. It is so imperative to have a BA degree in today’s globalized economy. What I am hoping to do is earn my BA in linguistics/communications. Afterwards, my ultimate goal is to get into a Masters degree program for Speech Language Pathology.
This would give me the opportunity to help developmentally delayed children and adults with their speech language development. Just think about the amazing difference I could make in the lives of so many people in a variety of age ranges and intellectual/development spectrums.
Also, it is a very stable career with a myriad of opportunities for professional growth. I am thinking that I would like to work in a school helping kids with communication impairments. This profession is so emotionally rewarding and you know for a fact that you are truly making a positive difference. How did I decide on this career path? Well, I had a sudden epiphany when I was working with Speech Language Pathologists at my company.
At one point, I had the opportunity to have discussions with them while assisting them with the application process. It all became crystal clear to me that I wanted to reroute my career path when I started learning more about the career objectives, professional experiences and the overall job responsibilities that are prevalent in this field of work. Hopefully, everything will work out. I am just going to chip away at it. Even if I hit obstacles and roadblocks, my never give up attitude will help me persevere. Thank you so much for reading and more to come!

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