A college student with autism – My first day!

September 14, 2009

My first day of college went better then my wildest imaginations! Everything went very smoothly as a result of my positive attitude and new found appreciation for the college life! College is so much better then High School in many ways.

First of all, you can be your own independent person and you feel less obligated and pressured to make people accept you. As a result, you can just be yourself and concentrate on what is best for you. You do not have to worry about fitting in or getting accepted into groups and clicks! In college you are free to follow your dreams and passions!

The classes I am taking this semester include Elementary Algebra, English Composition, Computer Literacy and Total Wellness. English is by far one of my best subjects. On the other hand, Math is by far my worst subject! These are the required classes I have to take toward an Associates Degree. Eventually I will need these classes on my transcript in order to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. I came very close to getting into the Broward College Honors program, but unfortunately my math scores were not high enough. According to my High School Brace Advisor my reading and writing scores were off the charts!

I have a good first impression of all four of my professors. Hopefully, they will end up being quality professors. Most certainly, it is important for professors to be helpful, understanding, and personable! It appears that they are good speakers and they have personalities and sense of humors to go along with their respected teaching styles and philosophies!

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  1. I hope you would not have reservations if I put up a part of this on my univeristy blog?

  2. Not not at all I would be honored!

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