Navigating College with Autism – So far, so good!

September 28, 2009

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I have been doing very well in my English class, Computer Lit class and my total wellness class. The only class I am struggling in right now is algebra, since it is by far my toughest subject. I am good with words, not numbers! I am trying to put the extra time into studying my notes and I am doing the best I can to seek help. This is just one of those math courses where the goal for me is going to be just to get through it. My A’s and B’s will come in my other classes.

In contrast to my math class,  I am having no problem whatsoever in my English 1 class. We have been doing a grammar and punctuation review unit in order to get us prepared for the research papers and essays we are going to be writing all term. I have done an excellent job on the grammar review packets, and I have a feeling that I did a great job on the unit test we took on Wednesday. I grasped the grammatical concepts immediately, while most of the students in my class have been struggling.  English is a subject that tends to go very easy for me. I have a passion for writing, which is why I am very interested in eventually going into journalism.

My professors have been very reasonable and helpful so far. It’s very interesting how they all have very different teaching styles and philosophies. My learning disability is definitely a major player in math. I have always struggled tremendously in any kind of math class. It is very imperative for me to get the help I need. I will give you three career fields that you can automatically eliminate for me: rocket scientist, mathematician, and an engineer! Let’s be real here, right?

Socially speaking, I am still looking to make new friends and I want to be as active as possible. I am looking into clubs or organizations that spark my interest. I am into politics, sports, and most importantly helping people! I would love to do some volunteer charity work around the community.  I want to make a difference in other peoples’ lives.

It’s amazing because after the conclusion of my first month of college, I feel like I have enjoyed the college life much better than I did the high school life, and I belive my comfort level will increase as time goes on. Incredibly, this is after four long years of high school. High School just was not for me.

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